Fragrance of dedication

‘Service above self’ – is the sacred sacrificial self – exhiliarating call of Shrimadh Bhagwat Geeta. The secret of greatness of all great man around the world lies hidden in the idea underlying this aphorism. All great man of the world have acheived greatness by strictly adhering to this lofty ideal of Bhagwat Geeta.

This great man of the world had lived there entire span of life in the real spirit of joyous sacrifice. The only way to live this life of joyous dedication is to live in the attitude of ‘Service above self’.Such a life can be better lived if one has fully understood the truth underlying well known aphorism of Geeta,namely:
“To action alone hast thou the right and never at all to its fruit”Geeta does not stop here but further roars:
“Frailty are those whose motive is the fruit”.

To a common man of the world always indulging in sensous objects, to act in life without any expection of fruits wuld seem to be almost impossible. But when the same individual after his studies of scriptures of any religion whatsoever, walks out in the open field of life, and there tries to practice it, he shall discover that to be the very secret of his real achievement .

All, mostly all of us refuse to undertake great activities, being afraid of failure and even those who dare to undertake noble endeavours invariably becomes nervous before they finish due to their inward dissipation.

But we must well bear in mind that the past is gone and the future is not yet born. Therefore, to worry over the past and get ourselves pre-occupied with the anxieties of the furute, meaning for the rewards of ction, is to escape from the present and to live in the dead moments of the past and unborn moments of the future. Thus the lord’s advice here is not to waste one’s best in him in the present and vially live evry moment joyously.The future shall take care of itself and provide the Karma Yogi with the acheivement divine and accomplishment Supreme.The work itself is his reward; he gets himself drunk with the joy and satisfaction of a noble work done.

Thus, work alone with a mind undisturbed by anxieties for the fruits therof, is indeed superior to the work done by dissipated mind ever worrying over the fruits.This is a psycological truth which even a layman can realise if he cares to look little within. Thus, unlselfish work, performed in a spirit of dedication, can the community get itself freed from the shackles of poverty and sorrow. Jain Darshan Shashtra also speaks about this very truth in other words.

To be useful to each other is a quality peculiar to human beings alone and therefore one should strictly adhere to his aphorism if one really wants to live a life of joyous sacrifice.Sant Tulsidashji also sings

To think of others welfare is the foundation stone of every religion and it provides a healthy ground for dedicated self-less service of the humanity around the world.Maitry Bhavna meaning frindliness also is the outcome of this dedicated sacrifice.
This very idea is expressed in another similar aphorism :

“Benevolence for rightousness and the afflication for sin”. To avoid commission of sins and to become benevolent, Jain Shashan provides a simple remedy :
“Do unto others what you want others to do unto you; Don’t do unto others what you want others not to do unto you”.

No one in the world ever wants others to do any harm or wrong unto him. Thus no body is entitled to do any harm or wrong whatsoever to anyone at any time. Thus by adhering to this simple aphorism only, a man every moment in work-a-day world of bjects and beings. This can well be the starting point of any spiritual Sadhana that one wants to take up to reach the citadel of Truth.It can be the foundation stone also for living the life of dedicated joyous sacrifice.
Now, such activities of joyous sacrifice can be undertaken in a spirit of deication and devotion, only when the seeker has no attachment to the fruits of his action. Attachment to the fruits of action not only vitates the capacity in the individual to perform the work undertaken by him, but it demoralises the concerned individual in his future activities. De personalisation is therefore, the secret of inspiration and work done mechanically only in a routine manner simply as a duty cast upon the individaul. To the extent we can bring the spirit of detachment and joy of dedication into our work, to that extent our work will inspire others to follow suit.

A long period of such activities in a spirit of detachment, to a large extent cleanses the mind of it’s impurities, such a desires, attachments, hatred , selfishness, jealousy, greed, anger, ego, etc. such a purified mind alone can have the requiered intellect and spiritual stability of pursue the path of rightousness leading to the pinnacle of truth.
Thus when actions arise from the source of joy arising out of right perception of life,man can easily expect to live long life in the dedicated service of his fellow beings without any worry or anxiety for the fruits of his actions. It is a worry and anxiety that deplete his energies leading him to frustated old age and early death. Leave the worries and anxieties at the feet of Lord who is in your Heart and act on in the world outside in the spirit of joyous dedication. This is the call of all scriptures of the world.

Today we are passing through the great psycological crisis of frustration resulting in strain and stress at all levels of life around the world. To come out of the same, we go on inventing various items and means of so called pleasure and happiness, but alas! none of them is capable of giving even eternal peace and bliss with a seek for. To indulge in such so called pleasure and happiness is to go on increasing our wants day by day and exert labouriously to satisfy the same. We, thus waste our valuable life and time in frustrating process of acquisition, possession and preservations of more wealth without adhering to any scruples whatsoever. Inspite of the fact that by our scientific inventions in the outer world of objects, we have cut short the distances not only between one places and the other but between one country and the other country as well as between one continent and another continent. Not only that we have set our foot on the Moon, But we are trying to reach the farthest stars also. But unfortunately, we have not been able to reach the heart of man sitting nearby. On the contrary distance between mam and man in the same family is increasing day by day and instead of expanding our hearts to accomodate not only the members of our family but the people around us in the spirit of,we are day by day becoming self-centered and egoistic, which is the real cause of all misiries in the world at large. Greed on one side and lazziness on the other side are the root of all imbalances that we see in the society around us . No authority however supreme and powerful it may be, can bring about a balanced society as sought for by us to live a happy and joyous life. We ourslves are our friends and we ourselves are enemies.

Thus, the only way to cime out of our agonising grandiosement of collecting and hoarding more and more wealth and our indulgence in the sensous objects of the world, is to live a life of dedicated joyous sacrifice of Karma Yoga.

The Yajna spirit is seen everywhere in nature if we have an eye to look at the and the whole world of cosmic powers and nature’s phenomenol functions instinctively in the service of all. It is only when it comes to man who also has been imparted with the Yajna Spirit by the Lord as a parting gift, that in his egoistic self-centereness he has forgotten his real nature and thus, instead of becoming a boon to the society, he has started indulging in baneful activities in life. He is thus now out to destroy not only himself but the entire society around him too.

Tha call of the day therefore,is to prepare a selected team of dedicated workers who are out to serve the society around them and therby the world at larg, in the spirit of joyous dedication. Such a worker will not only evolve himself from his present state of manhood to Godhood but by his own sacrificial sacred activities carried out in Yajna Spirit, he will inspire others to raise themselves to manhood from their present anamilism. Such a seeker will spend his entire span of life ant time at his disposal in the dedicated service of his fellow beings in the sacred sacrificial self-exhiliarating spirit ofTEN TYAKTEN BHUNJITHA meaning ‘ Enjoy it by giving it up’. He alone knows what the joy of dedication and selfless work is.

Shall we ever think of enjoying the bliss of such a sacrifice by becoming a member of a team of such dedicated workers and serve the society around us in this joyous sacred sacrificial self exhiliarating Yajna spirit of TEN TYAKTEN BHUNJITHA
Try…Try we can…Try we must….