Shantiniketan Sadhana Kendra

In Shantiniketan Sadhna Kendra, grand pillared Jain Temple and in the basement, Shakti Mandir of Mother Padmavati,Peaceful Dhayan Mandir, Gufa Mandir of Shri Shankheshwar Parshwnath & Shri Adinath Kalamandir (Art Gallery), Huge Collective Gyan Mandir (Rich Library) , with full comforts amenities, Atithi Grih, Satvik Dining , Ayurvedic Dispensary, elegant office and eye-catching garden, due to all these aspects, all the visitors-pilgrims are internally pleased.

Under theft aspects of knowledge, wisdom, love and pleasure and idols-like Rev. Bandhutriputi under their guidance, here Yoga Shibirs are held, Dhyan Shibirs, Swadhyay Shibirs, Shakti Shibirs and Mantra Sadhna Shiteirs for children Sanskar Shibirs and for youth, life-development Shibirs are the main activities of Shantiniketan and its advantages everyone can gain irrespective of any difference of any creed, caste and religion.

Further, in the porch of the Kendra, with the co-operation of Gujarat Government, “Shantiniketan Arogya Bhuvan, by this name one Free Ayurvrdic Dispensary is running in which Tithal and surrounding people of various villages, do come here and get the advantage of this dispensary and thus gained good health condition.

Free from Sampradayavad and humanity approach, and from scientific view oriented Bandhu-Triputi Munis, due to them, this Shantiniketan in real sense of the word, became ‘Spiritual Place of Scientific Era where the today’s disturbed person can obtain the deep peace of the inner experience.

Rev. BandhuTriputi Maharaj’s noble Pita-Guru’s memory established “Gurudev Shri Gunbhadra Vijay Smarak Trust” (Non Profitable organisation charitable Trust) through them, this Kendra is being managed and to domestic and internations followers have generously rendered there co-operation to this Kendra for constant period.

Sadhna, Service and Culture spreading activities of this Kendra, the person who is interested in any type of activity, may make the contact to Rev. Bandhu-Triputi Maharaj or to the Trustees of the Kendra, this is a request.

In Tithal Shantiniketan as a Shibir participant or Darshan participant, before coming down here, make the contact of the Office and their reservation can be booked and to obtain the consent is necessary.