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Pujya Shri Jinchandraji Maharaj is a Jain monk and dynamic orator who travels throughout the world spreading the message of Jainism and the cultural heritage of India. Pujya Jinchandraji initiated monkhood over 55 years ago at a tender age of 8 years along with his parents, two brothers, and sister.

Shree Yantra Poojan to be held on 8th,10th,12th and 14th October 2021


With the inspiration of world wide acclaimed Jain guru Rev. Shri Jinchandraji Maharaj, Shantidham Aradhana Kendra was incepted around 23 years ago. Which is organised by Prerna Prakashan Trust.

Situated in South Gujarat at a distance of about 4 kms from the city of Valsad on the beach of Tithal. Shantidham Aradhana Kendra is surrounded by lush green and non polluted atmosphere.Well known for it's peace and pure atmosphere Shantidham Aradhana Kendra is famous amonsgt the Sadhaks visiting this place from around the world to achieve mental peace and spiritual experience.

Under the spiritual guidance and holy presence of Rev. Munishri Jinchandraji Maharaj regular shibhirs for Jainism, Mantra Sadhana, Free Medical Camps have been continuing from last 10 years.

A beautiful Parshwanath Jain Derasar along with Airconditioned Meditation Hall, Jain Upashray, and well furnished A/c Non A/c Guest House are in place at Shantidham Aradhana Kendra.

A number of Jain and Non Jain groups and families have organized a number of humanitarian, educational, religious and cultural activity on a regular basis at Shantidham Aradhana Kendra for which the working Trust is always ready to help them.

With the efforts and spiritual power of Rev. Munishri Jinchandraji Maharaj and continous Mantra Sadhana, Yantra Poojan performed at this place a lot of positive vibrations and divinity are experienced at this place.